personal settings and customized models, materials

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm new in this forum and started to use IC3D in Dec 2018. Since then I'm gathering all the informations I can find and I'm also going through all the tutorial videos on youtube, which are a great help.

    As usual, there are always follow up questions, and therefore I'd like to ask, if someone could point me into the direction of further tutorials etc.?

    Also, I'm using two computers (one at home, one for travelling). Therefore I'd like to synchronize my IC3D database consisting of self created models and materials. Is there any way to do that properly?

    Are there folders, containig all my personal models / materials that I can simply copy & paste to my other computer?

    Thank you a lot in advance and all the best!

    Edited once, last by CountOlaf: I think, that I've found the specific folders, if anyone else is looking for them: on Mac OS: user/shared/Library/Application Support/Creative Edge Software/IC3D/ ().

  • Hello CountOlaf!

    I'm Adam IC3D's resident expert.

    I'm glad you found the tutorials helpful! A good place to look for additional tutorials is in our Welcome page when you first open up IC3D. And if you have hidden it dont worry, you can always open up the Welcome page by going up into the help menus and selecting welcome.

    As for sharing models between your home computer and travel computer, It can't get simpler!

    You will need to decide which computer you would like the Master Folders to be on.

    Once you have,

    1. Head into IC3D> Preferences on the top bar.

    2. Navigate to your Paths window

    3. Check the boxes for both Materials and Models.

    4. Hit browse for each Materials and Models and point it in the direction of the materials and models folder. (I noticed you have already found the specific folders!)

    5. Now simply set this up the same way on your laptop, but the difference this time will be you will point your paths folder to your main computers Materials and Models folder.

    You will need to be able to access your home computer from your laptop for this to work but if you have that set up, any changes to either the Home Computer or Laptop will update itself across both machines.

    Now, the other way is to simply copy/ paste which materials and models you would like manually into the given folders.

    I hope this helps point you in the right direction!!

    Let me know if you need anything else!!