Distortion Percentages

  • Fairly new to IC3D. My question is in regards to distortions. Illustrator uses the mesh created from IC3D and with using the Envelope Distort > Make with Mesh command, I use the suggested 10 x 10 mesh. My question is, is there a simpler way to determine if I should be using Front or Bi-Directional? Also, is there an easy way to tell how much distortion to use with the 1-100 slide bar?


  • Best way to determine front or Bi directional is to try each..

    Each gives a different originating point of distortion... Using Front will show distortions more on lets say a bottle when you rotate it to the sides. and Bi will usually give you a cleaner distortion when rotating around a pack.

    Really depends on the model to which is used. I find flatter surfaces tend to prefer Front. wrapped around is Bi.

    The slider 1-100 is a tough one.. in my opinion if you are finding you need anything Lower than 100, then maybe your shrink percentages are off.. Mostly this would be your tension bias. play around with this to find a "sweet" spot that gives you what you want..

    Its mostly trial and error.