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    We figured out how to turn the label into a mesh, so that we could apply art in AI for the embossing. We needed the embossing on a curved area of the bottle, so doing it on a label wasn't really an option.

    And you should always save often, as I get crashes pretty frequently. A lot this morning just trying to import a dxf for a carton.

    We are looking at making a fairly complex bottle and thought the shape modeler was the best since it has angles and a curved swoosh around it. We found were we could break the mesh as we need to make a part of it a label to apply some emboss effects. The problem we found is that is needs to be a bottle with an interior. The interior and fill feature tells us that it is made up of multiple meshes so it won't work on the model (made up of 3 meshes) and of course, it makes separate interiors if we select the meshes individually.

    My big question is it mentions combining the meshes with the "fix up tool". We don't know what that is.

    Is it possible to split the object, add art to the mesh label to create emboss features, and then recombine the meshes so we can create an interior and fill it?

    Also, quick question, is the only way to create a .std file by saving it out from the Shape Modeler? We were hoping we could export one from a similar bottle that was simpler and make the changes we needed.