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    Posted the thread 5.5.5 Release.

    iC3D New Features

    Welcome to iC3D New Features Page

    Below are the latest features available today!
    iC3D - Software Update V5.5.5 - Release date 11.03.19
    Creative Edge Software is pleased to announce our latest software update Version 5.5.5 of iC3D
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    Improving Ray Trace Rendering Time

    Do you want to improve your rendering time? With our latest advancements in rendering technology we thought it beneficial to provide some additional information to our great users. Ray Traced rendering does take more…
  • Hello!
    All you need for the 2D Spinner tool is the half Silhouetted line of the bottle. Then export that as a .dxf file.
    Once inside the 2D Spinner tool simply import your .dxf file and watch the magic happen!

    Don't forget to add an interior and Fill!!…
  • :2ds:Which option should I use? Do I export it as a png?
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    Posted the thread FORUM RULES.
    Creative Edge Software is a community of fellow IC3D users across a broad range of ages who are here to learn, ask questions, give advice, and give and receive help from others. Please keep this in mind when going through our forums, and we ask that all…

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