Is Killer Papers legit?

  • Although less well-known than many of the larger essay writing companies, Killer Papers has made a name itself thanks to its customer service, American writers, and humorous social media presence. Will a Killer Paper earn you a Killer Grade? Find out below.

    It's important that you take a look at their website Killerpapers. org before we answer that question. It's not as feature-rich and advanced as other sites, but it has the feeling of being an owner-operated small business. KP is the author of most pages on this site. He also claims to be the owner of Killer Papers. There are links to a podcast that he discusses his experiences building the business. However, it seems like KP has not updated the podcast recently.

    You will also find a link on Killerpapers. org to a page about False Reviews. It appears that he is aware about a major practice within the essay writing industry. Essay writing services write negative reviews of other services (often citing incorrect information), and then promote their services with glowing reviews (often made up of false information).

    He says that many reviews online are fake and that you should read their blogs, listen to their podcasts, and message them to learn more about your paper. Each writer is available to chat for a while, and you are not required to buy anything.

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