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  • In the realm of football sports, Asian handicap betting is one of the preferred forms of wagering by many enthusiasts. However, for many newcomers, this form of betting still remains unfamiliar. In this article, Wintips will unravel the most accurate way to read Asian handicap odds and share some computer soccer tips to betting correctly and achieving high winning rates. Let's dive in!

    What is Asian Handicap Betting in Football?
    For football betting enthusiasts, Asian handicap, also known by other names such as Asian odds, 1×2 betting, etc., is one of the simplest forms of betting with relatively high winning odds. The amount of capital required is not excessive, making it the top choice for players. In this form of betting, the odds are often displayed as 1×2 instead of explicitly labeled as Asian handicap.
    To succeed in this type of wagering, one needs to consider various factors, with knowledge and luck being paramount. Bettors must apply all their betting experience to analyze matches beforehand and also rely on luck. Only with such a combination can one increase their chances of winning and accumulate more experience.
    Accurate Reading of Asian Handicap for Beginners
    For those who have never placed Asian handicap bets before, understanding the symbols and signs presented by bookmakers can be quite challenging. To bet correctly and accurately, players must grasp the most precise way to read the odds, ensuring the highest winning rates. Many bettors, due to haste and lack of thorough understanding, end up losing right from the start of the match.
    Bookmakers display all the information related to the betting odds on electronic boards in columns. In a match involving two teams, the bookmaker evaluates the strength of each team to determine the stronger side. The team displayed on top is considered the favorite or the home team, and vice versa.
    Key symbols in Asian handicap betting that bettors need to pay attention to in order to avoid misinterpretation include:
    Number 1: Represents the favorite team displayed at the top in the information table.
    Symbol x: Choosing this symbol means that the bettor evaluates both teams equally, resulting in a draw.
    Number 2: Represents the team considered weaker by the bookmaker or the underdog.
    FT.1×2: If this symbol is seen on the information board, it means the betting result will be counted for the entire match.
    1H.1×2: If this symbol is observed on the information board, it indicates that the betting result will only be counted for the first half of the match.
    What Types of Asian Handicap Bets Exist in Football Betting?
    When participating in Asian handicap betting, players need to fully understand the information regarding this type of betting to choose the most suitable odds. Asian handicap betting is divided into 3 different types, and below are the characteristics of each:
    1×2 Betting During the Match
    This involves predicting the score while the match is ongoing, and players observe the match's progress to decide whether to bet or not. Betting 1×2 during the match is not a handicap bet, and players only need to choose which team will win. There are three options for players: the team on top wins, the team at the bottom wins, or a draw.
    For Asian handicap betting during the match, the betting result will be calculated within the 2 halves, i.e., 90 minutes of the match, excluding extra time, but still considering stoppage time. If there are any issues during the match, such as match cancellation or interruption due to incidents, all players' bets are considered void.
    1×2 Betting for the First Half
    This type of bet starts only when the match score is 0 – 0, and if there is a goal from either team, players cannot bet on any team anymore. Similar to 1×2 betting during the match, this 1×2 for the first half also offers three options: the favorite team wins, the underdog team wins, or a draw. The difference is that the betting result is only calculated for the first half of the match. If there are any issues during the first half that interrupt the match, the bet will be canceled.
    If you still don't understand how the betting winnings are calculated, you can refer to the following example. In a match between Team A and Team B, where Team A is considered the favorite and Team B the underdog, there are three possible betting outcomes:
    If Team A wins, those who bet on Team A will receive both their initial stake and winnings according to the bookmaker's odds. Those who bet on Team B to win or on a draw will lose their initial stake.
    If Team B wins, those who bet on Team B will receive both their initial stake and winnings according to the bookmaker's odds. Those who bet on Team A to win or on a draw will lose their initial stake.
    If the match ends in a draw, those who bet on a draw will receive both their initial stake and winnings according to the bookmaker's odds, while those who bet on either Team A or Team B will lose their initial stake.
    1×2 Betting for Extra Time
    If both teams require extra time to play, bookmakers will offer Asian handicap odds for the extra time, allowing bettors to place their bets accordingly. This extra time 1×2 betting is divided into two forms: betting for the first half of extra time and betting for the entire extra time. The betting process and the calculation of winnings are similar to those of in-game betting and first-half betting, respectively.
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    Experience in playing Asian handicap - High winning rate from experts
    Although Asian handicap bets have a higher winning rate compared to other forms because players don't need to pay too much attention to the specific number of goals scored in a match, it's common for inexperienced players to lose their bets. You can refer to some standard score prediction techniques from experienced bettors to improve your winning chances:
    Place bets 3-5 days before the match as the odds are stable during that time, and you won't be distracted by odds changes.
    It's advisable to place multiple bets to increase your winning chances, especially for those who have experience in this type of bet. However, new bettors should consider placing only one bet.
    Research information about the teams before choosing which one to bet on because the match outcome mostly depends on the teams' abilities. The bookmakers' predictions are just for reference.
    Consult football experts' analysis to understand how knowledgeable individuals assess the teams. They will provide you with practical and accurate suggestions.
    Effective financial management is crucial to avoid losing all your money. Divide your capital into smaller portions to bet on multiple matches to gain more experience, which is essential for winning bets.
    Knowing when to stop will prevent bettors from getting too deeply involved in Asian handicap bets.

    Asian handicap betting is one of the simpler betting forms that newcomers can read soccer tips sites in to gradually gain experience. Wintips has provided guidance on how to read and place Asian handicap bets accurately. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a solid understanding of this form of betting. Stay tuned for more articles from Wintips to learn more about this fascinating field of sports betting