What is 4.5/5 odds? Guide to reading the 4.5/5 Over/Under odds

  • 4.5/5 odds in football betting is a type of Over/Under betting odds offered by reputable bookmakers, where the team placed on the Over side must score 5 goals with a clear difference to win the bet.
    What does 4.5/5 odds mean? How to read it is the concern of many beginners. This is a betting odds ratio applied by many bookmakers. Therefore, if you have a passion for football betting, you cannot ignore this type of betting odds. The following article will help beginners gain important knowledge and experience daily mirror football tips when playing 4.5/5 odds.

    What is 4.5/5 odds in football betting?
    4.5/5 odds is a betting odds ratio applied extensively in football betting. This betting odds ratio is also called 4.5/5 Over/Under odds (O/U).
    Football Over/Under betting is chosen by many players with various different betting odds such as 5.5/6; 1.75; 2:1/4, 4.5/5; 5.5/6, etc. Among them, 4.5/5 odds is a ratio that many bookmakers offer in matches to attract players to participate in betting.
    With 4.5/5 odds, the issue players need to pay attention to is the total number of goals in the football match or the number of corner kicks, throw-ins, etc. In general, it is very diverse and can be applied to many different aspects of the match depending on the bookmaker.
    However, the total number of goals scored in each match is still the most popular form of Over/Under betting. For example, if the final score of the match is 1-2, then the total number of goals scored by both teams is 3. The total number of goals is only counted during the official playing time of the first half, second half, and extra time. Goals scored by teams in extra time or penalty shootouts will not be counted.
    So when betting on 4.5/5 odds, the most important issue for players to pay attention to is the total number of goals that both teams have scored throughout the match. Before the match takes place, the bookmaker will set the odds ratio of the match at 4.5/5. Players will choose a higher number (Over) or lower number (Under) than the odds ratio set by the bookmaker to place their bets.
    The 4.5/5 Over/Under odds are relatively easy to play and can bring significant profits to the winning bettors. Therefore, this betting option attracts many punters to participate.
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    How to read the 4.5/5 odds?
    By now, you should understand what the 4.5/5 odds mean, right? Do you know how to read soccer odds yet? If you want to bet on this type of odds, you definitely need to understand how to read them. Here's how to interpret them:
    If the total number of goals scored in the match is 0, 1, 2, or 3, then players betting on "Under" will win.
    If the total number of goals scored in the match is 4, then players betting on "Under" will win half of their bet, and players betting on "Over" will lose half of their bet.
    If the total number of goals scored in the match is 5 or more, then players betting on "Over" will win their entire bet, while players betting on "Under" will lose their entire bet.
    As you can see, the 4.5/5 odds are quite straightforward for beginners. However, to choose the most favorable odds and ensure safety, you need to select reliable sources for odds analysis and trustworthy bookmakers. Additionally, you should accumulate necessary experience when engaging in soccer betting.
    3 Golden Tips when playing the 4.5/5 over/under odds:
    Choose matches where there's a significant gap between the two teams.
    The 4.5/5 over/under odds are particularly suitable for matches where there's a notable difference in the teams' capabilities. This allows you to clearly see which team has the advantage. When there's a large goal difference between the two teams, if you choose to bet "Over," your chances of winning the bet will be significantly higher.
    Don't follow the crowd blindly.
    Experienced bettors advise thoroughly researching both teams' performance, lineup, etc., to develop your own betting strategy. Because the crowd isn't always right. You need to find the best approach for yourself.
    Know when to stop.
    When participating in soccer betting, set goals and money-making plans. If you've lost several rounds in a row, it's wise to stop betting immediately. Even if you've been winning consistently, knowing when to stop is crucial for preserving your capital and avoiding losses or bankruptcy.

    This dark web betting tips app has shared with you what the 4.5/5 odds mean and the tactics to secure victory when betting on this type of odds. Hopefully, this information will be beneficial for you in your betting journey, leading to the best possible outcomes.